Mane Street Salon - It's a daytime slumber party!
We offer a full line of Salon Hair Services for the whole family!
(Please note that all prices are a starting point, prices subject to change dependent on length, texture etc. of hair.  Please discuss pricing with your stylist prior to your service)
Women's Hair Services
Wash/Cut/Blow-dry (short)           $30.00
Wash/Cut/Blow-dry (long)      $35-$40.00
Wash/Cut/Blow-dry/Style             $38.00
Wash/Blow-dry/Style                   $25.00
Perm/Texturizing  (short)             $70.00
Perm/Texturizing  (long)               $95.00
Spiral Perm                              $150.00
Color (Full- includes cut)              $75.00
Root Touch up (includes cut)        $65.00
Foils, (includes cut) starting at     $75.00
Senior Ladies Services
Roller Set                                   $28.00
Wash/Cut/Blow-dry                     $23.00
Wash/Cut/Blow-dry/Style             $28.00
Wash/Blow-dry/Style                   $23.00
Perm/Texturizing                         $65.00
Straightening                (by consultation)
Men's Hair Services
Haircut                                       $23.00
Half cut (Little or none on top)      $15.00
Buzz cut                                    $10.00
Men's Senior cuts                       $20.00
Men's Colour short           start at $35.00
Kids Cuts
10 and under                              $10.00
10-14 years old                           $15.00
15-17                                         $20.00
Additional Services
treatments (includes wash,
treatment, blow-dry, style            $30.00
Prom Up-do                                $50.00
Wedding Up-do              start at   $50.00
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